Volkswagen severely bugged
by images of 6-legged beetles

Submits online takedown to site with science as art

Dershowitz: ACLU 'denying core civil liberties'

Famed expert blasts 'zealots' who want to get rid of President Trump

Judicial Watch sues to uncover Obama's secret refugee deals

Seeks records of sites used for resettlement of Somalis, Syrians

Pew Research: Politics now determining 'facts'

Obama's birthplace helping define 'reality'

'Lawfare' by Muslims
who sued restaurant flames out

7 women who complained of discrimination drop claim

Comey under investigation
for leaking Trump memos

IG promises report on FBI chief's handling of classified info

Jeff Bezos workers demand more money,
but shun Trump's help

Say president's input 'is not helpful to our cause'

DHS chief: Dem child-abuse claim 'cowardly'

Nielsen reacts to accusation kids used as legislative leverage

Trump warns: U.S. on Germany's disastrous immigration path

Accuses Dems of blocking fix to family-separation problem

SPLC apologizes, pays up, for 'hate' labeling

Other allegations pending after leftists settle 1 case